Computer Notebook

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Basic Computers

Appointment Clocks
Binary Homework (.pdf)
 Computer Terms List
Crossword Puzzle_A.jpeg
TIM: Four Parts of a Computer System
Intel Video - Segment 1 Blank note page pdf
.Introduction to Charts
Intro to the Internet : Tim background information
QUIA Instructions
Saving to the Server
Words Per Minute (GWPM) instructions
Words Per Minute _Graphic Organizer


Essay Information
Women's History Essay Guidelines
>>>>Women's History Rubric
Hero Essay Requirements
Women's History Essay Guidelines
Writing Prompts for Thursday, May 12
Writing Prompts for the Week/Challenges
Writing Homework - Thursday - Tired Sentences.pdf
Writing Work - Thursday - Word Clusters.pdf
Writing Work_Notes to Sentences.doc
Writing Work_Notes to Sentences.html

Projects/Skill Lessons

About the Author
About The Author-Revise
Biographical Multimedia Project
Fact Sheet Homework
Personal Timeline
Black History Month Hunt 1
Black History Month Hunt 2
.I Have a Dream - Quilt Square
Computer of the Future.pdf
Computer of the future.html
CURRENT EVENT - Technology Articles
DEBATES - Handouts, Additional Challenge Activities
Debate Worksheet.pdf
Debate Card - Practice
Group Planner Sheets
MOVIE REVIEW- Categories
Pitch/Proposal Format.word (will download to your desktop)
Pitch Proposal Format .html (for browsing)
PowerPointAnimation Info
PowerPoint Animation Grading
                    Spree Evaluation
This I Believe
Video-Found Movies.pdf
Webquest. Introduction reflection
City Unit
SimCity Intro
City Essay


Patent Notes1
Patent Notes2
Patent Notes2.word
Patent Notes2.pdf
Patent Jobs List_Patent Pending Video Lesson


Intro to the Internet
Email Citations (12/8/03)
Formats for email citations (graphics)
Citing Sources


Citations Quiz

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Keyboarding Log-In Instructions for Friday Evaluations