"Black History Month" Movie Project

Subject:     Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences,U.S. History

Grade:       K-2, 3-5,6-8, 9-12


Brief Description

Research a prominent African-American and create a multimedia presentation that explains how they made a difference in history.



Research a famous African-American after receiving approval from the instructor. You will be creating  a short movie or powerpoint, using sources from the internet about the impact that this person has had on society and what you have learned about them.



With your name (first name only), the period, the name of the person.

A picture of the person you BIOGRAPHY: Who was this person and what were some of the things that they did during their lifetime?

REFLECTION: Must answer the following questions.
What was something that you learned about this person that you never knew about before you began this project? What was your reaction about learning this new information? What type of adversity did this person have to overcome in order to be successful?

You must have at least five sources that are properly cited.



Are all the sections present?

Were all the requirements met?

Spelling and grammar have been proofed – no serious errors.

Movie/powerpoint is completed and in the proper format.

Bibliography – complete and in the proper format

Saved – project is saved on the server by the due date.