Personal Timeline Assignment



Students will be able to use the outline feature of a word processor document to create timelines that include graphics and tables.


SKILLS ADDRESSSED: text styles, size, format, fonts, text wrap, importing graphics, moving type, adding tables, spell check, previewing, saving as, saving as html



1.   Open an MS WORD document.

2.   Enter in your header

3.   Enter Your Name, bold, 36pt., centered.



1.   Go to VIEW >Outline

2.   Enter in your facts. Every time that you are finished with an entry, press return. Entries must include a date and a description. To indent an event, you need to click on the arrow to indent the item.

12/6/1966 (date)
        * Ms Maye born at South Bay Hospital in Redondo Beach (description)

3.   REPEAT until you have at least 10 entries.

4.   Change the view back to PAGE LAYOUT



1.   Add your picture from the esms server (Connect to Server, > PSA Drop Box>Your Period. Pictures are listed by last name),

2.   One piece of clip art

3.   Draw one original piece of artwork to help illustrate your timeline entries. The artwork should relate to the entries.

4.   At the bottom of the timeline write your last name, 36 pt, centered, bold.




This assignment will be graded on Thursday in class.

>All items are spelled correctly

>All items are in the proper format (date and description)

>Your picture on the paper.

>One piece of clip art that relates to a timeline entry

>One original piece of artwork drawn using MS Word Drawing tools

>All on one page

>First and Last name at top and bottom of the page; 36 pt, bold