Information: Usually notes taken for a report are not  written in sentence form. We jot them down quickly and in no specific order. First, you should organize the notes according to a plan. Then you should re-write them in complete sentences.


DIRECTIONS: Read the notes listed below. Re order the notes in the order that you think they happened. SAVE as DOCK.  Then rewrite the notes in complete sentences and post on your WIKI as DOCK. Remember to ask yourself three questions:


  1. Are there any missing words, capital letters, or punctuation?
  2. Can I combine any of these notes into one sentence?
  3. Can I add any supplementary information or words?


Elizabeth Blackwell, born 1819, died 1910

.real pioneer in struggle for women’s rights

. started medical college to train women

. first woman doctor in U.S.

. very determined—would not give up

.accepted Geneva College of medicine, Geneva, NY

.study continued—Paris, France; London, England

.very successful—worked hard for what she wanted

.practiced medicine in New York City first

.received first medical degree 1849—high honors

.wanted to study medicine—no school would let her in

.established hospital—treated women and chidren.