City Rubric

Cities are scored out of the points possible shown below. There are two sections. Be sure to score both sections and provide a numeric total prior to returning this worksheet to your teacher. .

Description Your Score POINTS POSSIBLE Notes
Evaluate your city based on the following criteria. 
At least 50,000 people 15 Click on the Population Graph for the information
Education Level = min. 70    5  (see above)
 Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas   5  
 Pollution level below 6%   5  

Write a short essay that answers the following questions. Use a separate piece of paper. Be sure to have everyone in the group answer the questions. Use complete sentences and write in paragraph form.

  1. What is your city's name? Why did you choose that name?
  2. What are the most important things to remember when building a city?
  3. What problems does your simulated city have?
  4. What can you do about the problems in your simulated city?
  5. What advice, suggestions, or tips can you give other mayor's planning to build a city?
  6. How will you plan differently next time you design a city?
  7. What is the best and the worst thing about your city?