Saving to the Server(s)

  1. Go to GO>>> Connect to Server
  2. Type in
  3. User Name = Per(your class period). For example, if you are in period 2, you would enter per2
  4. Password= (posted in the classroom - changes every so often)
  5. Choose your period from the list (p2, p3, etc. )
  6. In a few minutes, a globe with P_ will appear.
  7. Go GO>>>Connect to Server
  8. Type in
    1. NOTE - only a few students can log onto this server at a time. If you are not able to get on the first time, try again a bit later, once someone has logged off.
  10. PASSWORD = posted in class, think shorter version
  11. Choose SHARED as the item.
  12. You should now have two "globes" on your desktop. This is where we will save our COMPLETED documents as backups.

Getting Your Document to Drag...

  1. GO>Home.
  2. Click on the third VIEW option (to show the columns)
  3. Make sure you have highlighed the following....
    USERS>CPLBSTUDENT (or something similar)>DOCUMENTS>
  4. Now, change the view to the first option.
  5. Click on the DATE column.
  6. You should see your document close to the top.
  7. Click and DRAG the document on top of the globe.
    1. it will seem like notthing is happening.
    2. to make sure the document got transfered, click and drag the document again.
  8. Click and DRAG the same document on top of the other globe. Check to see that is has been saved.


  • When done moving your items and checking to see that they are there, click once on the globe. Go to EDIT and EJECT (or command+E). The globe will disappear.
  • REPEAT with the other globe.
  • It is important to log off as soon as you are done saving to open up the pathway and access to the server for other students to save. One of the servers has a limit on the number of students who may log on.