Write on these topics for two straight weeks. Log into blackboard.com and add a thread for each day. In the subject line, include period, the prompt name/day, your last name. example P2_MonWk1_Maye.

Monday - Week 1

You have won the lottery, but you must spend all the money in one place. Write about where and how you will spend it.

Tuesday - Week 1

Close your eyes. Make a list of all the sounds you hear. Now, circle the sounds you don't remember noticing before. Listen again and try to add three more sounds to your list.

Wednesday - - Week 1

If you could change three things at home, what would they be? What things would you like to have remain the same?

Thursday - Week 1

Write for 10 minutes on ways kids can help the environment.

Friday- - Week 1

Invent a new holiday that will be observed every year in the United States. Suggest foods and activities that might become traditions for future generations. Be sure to include the background of why the holiday is being observed.

Monday - Week 2

Would you rather live in a climate with changing weather or in a place where the weather is warm nearly year-round? Write your reasons.

Tuesday - Week 2

Write a story about a piece of clothing that gives its wearer super powers.

Wednesday - Week 2

Re-write "The Three Little Pigs" using different animals.

Thursday - Week 2

Picture the cover of a book with your name on it as author. What is the title? What is the book about? Is it fiction or nonfiction? Write the information that would appear on the dust jacket (paper cover) of your book. This usually contains a synopsis of the book (what it is about) and a bit about the main characters, main action and the author.

Friday - Week 2

What would happen if all automobiles suddenly turned into bicycles? Write about the scene in front of your school as parents arrive on bikes to pick up their children.