"I Have a Dream" Quilt Square

Subject:         Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences,U.S. History

Grade:            K-2, 3-5,6-8, 9-12


Brief Description

After studying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, students create a quilt square about their dreams for the future.



Using AppleWorks or a similar drawing program, create a quilt square  that measures 7 inches by 7 inches about your dream for the future. This quilt square should represent your dream for the future.


DUE DATE: We will print squares on Friday for folks who want to add color to the images – remember our printer only prints in black and white. If you don’t mind not having color, we will print at the end of class on Tuesday, Feb. 10th.



Use Appleworks Drawing.

Page Size – Set the margins so that the page will print out as a square.

Go to FORMAT> Document.

Set your margins to TOP = 1.75, BOTTOM = 1.75, LEFT = .5, Right = .5

This will move the page margins in.



Go to RULERS>Show Rulers.

Draw a box that is .25 inches in from the edges of the page.

Be sure to make it hollow (tool palette >patterns. This will give you a line to work from so you know where the edges of the page are. This will give us a nice seam allowance for assembling our quilt squares.



Click on the square. Go to ARRANGE and LOCK.



Click on the text tool. Draw a small square for your name. Type in "by FIRST NAME LAST NAME P__"

Move it to the bottom right corner of the screen (dragging or using the direction arrows).

FORMAT and LOCK it into place.




SIZE = 7 by 7 inches square

IMAGES = one student created drawing, one picture, one piece of clip art, and text.

THEME = meets the theme of what you dream about for the future

TIME = turned in on time