Introduction to Charts

Pie Chart or Circle Graph

     Show the relationship of a part to the whole

     For example:

   Show how you spend your day (24hours)

   Percentage of voters


Line Graph

     Chart things that change over time

     Information is represented by a point on the graph

     Information does not have to start at zero

   Points are joined by lines starting from the first point at the left of the graph


   Quizzes over a period of time, stock market, KYB speed and accuracy

Line Graph

Bar Graphs

    Used to compare the relationship between things

    Starts at zero



  Mile run times compared by class, student, etc.

  How much each class raised in the fundraiser


Bar Graph


     Shows a relationship between things

     Can start at zero, but doesn’t have to

     Symbols represent a specific number of objects

   Make sure you explain what the symbols represent

     Can represent large or small numbers

   Examples: how many books read in a month, how many people ran a certain time in the mile



     Create a survey with at least 4 data items

     Ask at least 20 people to respond to your survey

     Keep track of your results

     In class, we will chart the data tomorrow


     Have questions ready

     Prepare a grid to collect the data

     And ask as many people as you can

     Keep track of all responses