In order to prepare for creating your own stand-alone educational adventure, we will create a practice stack that will allow you to see what the program can do so you will have more options for your project.



  1. Title Slide - Using the first slide that comes up during powerpoint
    1. Title = ABOUT ME
    2. Subtitle = Created by _____ (your name) and Period
      1. This slide should require the user to click to proceed to the next slide
        1. You would use this for the opening credits and screens where the user will need to read information at his/her own pace.
  2. PRO/CON Slide - Using the Two Column Text master slide
    1. TITLE = PRO/CON.
    2. Subtitles for the columns = PRO (on the left) and CON (on the right)
      1. PRO = Write about why you think (or why you think the teachers) that the summer reading program is helpful/beneficial.
      2. COM = write at least 3 points about why you think the summer reading program is not helpful/beneficial.
        1. This slide should automatically show the title (when the slide appears) and the PRO and CON should FADE IN (entry animation) automatically so that the PRO shows first, then the CON.
        2. The user must click to go onto the next slide.
        3. This is used for instructions for the adventure so that the user will know what is expected, what they need to do and how they will answer the questions.
        4. There should be no exit animation.
  3. IMAGE SLIDE - Blank slide
    1. Draw a shape and then copy and paste it five times. (total of six images). If you have used more than one item to create your shape, be sure to select them>click on the first icon in the DRAWING TOOLS menu , and group them together. Make the shapes different sizes and position them so they are not overlapping on the slide.
      1. Set the animation so that the pieces and shapes fade in, one at a time. Be sure to set the entry animation for each piece, then use the timing section to have the pieces come in automatically.
      2. The user must click to continue.
        1. Great to use with multiple questions and answers and when you want to have things come in on a timer. Also, must always have a way for the user to control part of the experience (clicking for the next slide).
  4. PICTURE SLIDE - Blank Slide
    1. Draw a scene. Have parts of the scene fade in unitl you build the whole picture. Be sure to group larger items together (such as the parts of the person)..
      1. Animate using ENTRY and EXIT animations and timing. Be sure to group together certain items so you have fewer things to animate.
      2. Great for revealing clues throughout the adventures you will be creating. Also, you can have hidden clues that appear that the user will have to answer correctly to get the next clue or hint (think CrossCountry USA when they ask you which commodity you need to pick up).
    1. Select (or be assigned) a nursery rhyme. You are to animate the nursery rhyme using the animation techniques that you have learned. The Rhyme should containg:
      1. Title Slide
      2. (2-4) Slides showing the progression and the main action of the nursery rhyme. The animation should reflect the movement or action described in the nursery rhyme. You should include the words to the rhyme along with the pictures.
        1. This section should animate on its own withouth the user clicking on anything after the title slide.
        2. One of the slides should contain the whole rhyme (or more than one if it is a long one).
    2. Title slide then click for the animation and the nursery ryhme to begin. The whole ryhme must be shown somewhere on the stack.
  6. QUESTION Section. Create a question and then two response cards that have to deal with your nursery rhyme.
  7. LINK LIST - Table Slide with 2 columns and 10 rows
    1. This slide may be moved to wherever it is appropriate, but make sure that people get to view it before they are allowed to exit.
      1. LEFT SIDE = The title/topic of the link
      2. RIGHT SIDE = Link that will take you to the item(s) mentioned to the right if on a live internet connection.
        1. One link must be a link to your nursery rhyme online.
        2. The additional links must link to things that are mentioned in the nursery rhyme and/or things that you have learned about during this school year (in any topic).
        3. The links must TEACH about the topic - not just be a picture or an advertisement.


After you have created all the above-mentioned slides, you are ready to link them using ACTION BUTTONS.


TIPS FOR ADVENTURES/ Self-Running PowerPoint Presentations