SimCity® Builders Unite

SIMCITY Development

To learn about the process required to create a city of the future that addresses the needs of the citizen of the new millenium.

Week One
Blueprint of city is due. BLUEPRINT must be approved before "building" begins on SimCity®.

  1. Create a new folder for all items for your project. The title will look like "P6.City.Last Names of partners or a last name for reference"
  2. Create an abstract using the document from the website that talks about the main features in your city. You will revise it as your city is created.
  3. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the city. You can use a KWL chart if you wish.
    1. Use Inspiration or AppleWorks, Word Processing and Harvard format to outline your city.
    2. Be sure to indicate all information being used in the formation of the city including graphics. You MUST cite all sources for your information and include a bibliography of ALL images, text, etc. used on your site.
    3. Save work inside your folder.
  4. Work Journal .doc- Be sure to add entries detailing what your team has done everyday. You are also required to keep track of your individual work on the BlackBoard Discussion Board 5 WEEK. You will be given five minutes at the end of class for entering this information. Your group journal will be downloaded to your team folder and updated on a daily basis.

Week Two

Save work often. Computers will lock up occasionally resulting in a loss of data.

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five