Essay Assignment - Your Choice! - Choose an Essay Topic from the three choices listed below.

All essays must be at least 500 words - that is a minimum
12 pt font (times, helvetica or arial only), double-spaced, minimum 1/2" margins
8.5 x 1-inch paper
Final drafts must be printed and a copy sent electronically via Ms. Maye's schoolnotes or email or through by December 17th.
Rough Draft Due Dec.5
Facts from websites due Dec. 9
Second Drafts due Dec. 12th
FINAL DRAFTS and Email submissions due Dec. 17th

ASIMO Robot Contest:

How do you believe humanoid robots should be used to help humankind in the future? AND How would your school benefit from a visit from ASIMO?
1000 words or less and should include citations.
Essays' title at the top of the page

Letters About Literature - LOC
Think about a book that inspires you, then write a letter to the author and explain why. DO NOT summarize the book's plot (the author knows it very well).
How did the book affect YOU ?

Select a book, poem short story or speech you have read and about which you have strong feelings

Make a connection between yourself and the book (a character or an event). Minimum 500  words.

Design your own holiday or memorial to honor someone, something or some event in history. The person should be someone other than you, but it can be someone in your family.
500 - 1000 words.
Explain how this person, place or thing has touched you and why you believe a national holiday or memorial should be erected to honor the item.