TEST log in instructions for All the Right Type (ATRT). Unless otherwise stated, you will click on OKAY after each instruction.

1.  Click on TYPE

2.  Click on GUEST

3.  Click on button next to EVALUATOR then click on OK.

4.  Click on EDIT OPTIONS

5.  On this screen, you will ONLY change the items listed.

a.  PENALTY = 2

b.  “X” by WAM

c.  No “X” by DELETE KEY

d.  TIMED WRITING = 5 minutes

e.  You can decide ONE SPACE or TWO SPACES after the period. This is VERY important and will greatly effect your grade.

f.    WHEN ALL HAVE BEEN CHANGED, click on OK and wait for additional instructions (i.e. the test we are doing today)

6.  Click on the TESTING CENTER. Drag down to the test indicated by your instructor.