Four Parts of a Computer System

This is the first stage in the computer system. Data is entered into the computer system in this stage.

Samples of input: keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, Internet, etc.

Also known as a microprocessor or information processor. This is the stage where the data is changed into information according to the instructions from the software.

Samples of a processor: CPU - Central Processing Unit; microprocessor; information processor.

(RAM-Random Access Memory)
Where data is stored temporarily before being processed

(ROM - Read-Only Memory) After processing, where the information is kept, usually for longer periods of time.

Samples of memory: RAM - memory chips; ROM - hard drive, CD-Rom, DVD-ROM, pen drives, floppy disk, etc.

This is the last step in the computer system. The information is now displayed, printed, or on some other way shown to the user.

Samples of output: printer, monitor or screen, CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, etc.