You are a reporter for a local newspaper I charge of the INNOVATIONS and NEW TECHNOLOGY BEAT. Choose an angle and write about something presented in the video. Be specific! You may choose the section of the paper to write for… however, it is for a  newspaper…



Using what you learned about invention, take an everyday object and create at least 5 new ways to use that item that was probably NOT what the original inventor intended. Be sure to have many variations and think outside the box!



The Physical Fitness department is accepting proposals for a new game for use with middle school students. Using your knowledge of the rules of most games, create a new game designed to keep the majority of the players active and moving for extended periods of time.


You are collecting information from Using the US PATENT OFFICE and the internet, on one type of invention (ie. Transportation, writing, printing, etc.) and presenting the five most important inventions in the history of this technology to the R & D Department of your Company. |


Choice Menu:

Choose one “job” to complete using the notes that you recorded on Thursday. You will only have today to work on the assignment and you will be presenting tomorrow.


Research and present to the Historical Society, why you think the person you have researched deserves a memorial. Be sure to describe what the memorial looks like, where it will be located and be able to explain why you think the person you researched deserves this memorial.

Build a model, using items from the “leftover pile” to create a new gadget. Be prepared to present to a  who may help you become a millionaire! Tools will be provided.

The Library of Congress has heard you are an expert. They need you to create a children’s book about an invention from the video. Be sure to use illustrations and write for very young readers. Yours will be more of a picture book, however, you will need to tell the story. To make it easier, you may use powerpoint.


You have been commissioned by the Future City Company to draw a design for a futuristic city. The Fax you received was not received clearly and all you saw was: Skyscraper; UnderWater; In Space. Design a drawing and an explanation for one of those environments.