How Microprocessors Work – Section 2



The four major parts of a computer system (in order) are:


Part of the System

Example of a component that does that job










The one thing that a computer does is __________________. The computer processes _________________ very quickly.


FETCH, DECODE, EXECUTE – Fill in the blanks while watching the video. There will be a quiz on this information on Friday. Paste this into your notebook AFTER the notebook check sheet and one blank page.


Where is the data processed?___________________________


The microprocessor is made of millions of tiny switches called
________________________ that execute millions of commands a second.


The three main functions of the microprocessor are

1. _____________________

2. ______________________

3. ______________________


(1) _________________ picks up and feeds information in the form of data from a software program to (2)__________________. (2) ______________ has no memory and cannot remember what it has done before. (2)__________________ will only follow instructions. (2)_____________ figures out (using the software codes) what is supposed to happen to the data and sends it to the correct function or register in (3)____________________.


(3)____________________ uses binary calculators to do the math and then puts the data back into memory. Data is what the numbers are called. Software breaks instructions into simple instructions. (1)_________________ picks up the data and sends to (2) _______________ to determine what type of math is required. (2)________________sends the data to (3)___________________ where the math is completed. Every dot of the binary coded data is passed through fetch, decode and execute.


Microprocessors do simple __________________ very quickly – millions of times a second. The data that is processed consists of numbers. The microprocessor (1)__________es, (2)_______________s, and (3)_____________(s) the software instructions that make computers useful.


FOLLOW-UP – Draw a diagram showing the flow of data through the complete computer system including the details of the microprocessor you have just learned about. Put into the notebook after this worksheet.