The Paper Chase

Using the newspaper, race against time and other classmates to find all of the items listed below. As you find each item, cut it out, paste it on a piece of paper and label it.
Hint: Pay attention to the items in italics and work as a team.


From the SUPPLIES area. Materials Manager will pass out these supplies: Newspaper; Scissors; Large piece of Paper; Glue; Pen

The Paper Chase List

  • An ad for a used foreign car
  • An editorial cartoon
  • A team sports score
  • A news story about a foreign country
  • Today's weather forecast
  • A movie listing
  • An ad for something that has been lost or found
  • A letter to the editor
  • A men's clothing ad
  • A story about someone in government
  • A picture of a newspaper writer
  • An obituary (death notice)
  • A photo of an important local event
  • A crossword puzzle or other game
  • A three frame comic strip
  • An ad, picture, recipe for food
  • The name of a local business
  • An ad for an apartment for rent under $500 a month
  • The name of the newspaper's publisher
  • ï A listing of the close of the Dow Jones (Stock Market)

     When done, jump up and shout, "We Did It". Remember, all items must be labeled and you must present all of your findings.

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