12-Week Class Outline: Computer Journalism Elective <<back>>

Grading for this class is based on total points. Grades will be available as soon as they are entered into Power School. My goal is to have all assignments collected Mon. ­ Thursday posted by the end of the day on Friday. Stories will take extra time to be graded, due to the length and nature of the assignments. Rubrics for the assignments are posted and a copy with comments will be given to students.

Students will need a spiral bound notebook, preferably 100 pgs without perforated pages. A steno notebook will be provided for all students for taking notes for stories. Black and blue ball point pens, index cards, notebook paper, pencils, colored pencils are all required for class.

Daily ­ 5pts per day = 25 points per week. 300 pts
Daily assignments may include quick-writes, responses to questions posed in class for work at home, short writing exercises to help teach journalism skills. In most cases, these assignments will be able to be completed in class. Daily assignments will be checked on a regular basis.

Weekly Assignments ­ 30 points each 360 pts
Each week, there will be an assignment given on Monday. Assignments must be returned to the instructor by Friday for full credit. This may include rough drafts of stories, final stories, worksheets, or other assignments designed to allow for additional practice for computers and journalism.

Stories ­ 100 points each assignment 1000 pts.
All students will complete a journalism portfolio. The Portfolio will consist of the following stories: news, feature, sports, review, opinion, captions (5 @ 20 pts each), survey, current event, and two choice stories.

Quizzes ­ 10 pts each week 120 pts
Weekly quizzes on various key terms, vocabulary, computer skills, etc.

Skill Lessons ­ 30 points each 360 pts
At least one skill lesson will be assigned each week. This may be combined with the weekly assignments (listed above). These lessons are designed to assess specific skills related to the computer. Some skill lessons will also involve assessment of journalism skills covered in class.

Keyboarding ­ 5 pts per day 300 pts
Proper use of 10-key keying will be emphasized in class. Students will complete at least 10 minutes of concentrated keyboarding practice each day. Assessments will be made every other week to gauge progress on both speed and accuracy.

TOTAL POINTS 2440 pts total
A = 2196-2440
B = 1952 ­ 2195
C = 1536-1951
D = 1535 ­ 1464*
F = 1463 and below = *not acceptable /redo work until it is at "C" level. Work below a "C" will not be accepted.

Assignments and grading may be subject to changes in the schedule. A formal outline of topics and specific requirements for assignments will be available through Power School at least a week in advance. You can also check the class website and the online class location.