Journalism Editorials


PART ONE: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. You must answer (and explain) at least two items for each question for a total of four, well-crafted sentences.




The most important thing that you must learn when readying editorials is to separate fact from opinion. Think of how wrong it would be if everyone took editorials as fact. Editorials are written to get people to think about issues.


Although many editorials try to persuade people to believe one thing or another, the final decision is left to the reader.



Complete the FACT or OPINION exercise by going to the class website. Click on the EXERCISES link on the Journalism Page. Write down only the numbers and either FACT or OPINION.




Write your own letter to the editor. Letters should be three (3) paragraphs or more in length. If you can’t decide on a topic, look through the newspaper for things that “bother” you and/or refer to the list we made at the beginning of the class.