Video Producers

To learn about the process required to create a video product that teaches, informs, or entertains and to manage time, resources and media effectively. Your videos can be either for the end of the year video or a short video about something that you have learned about in school this year that covers some of the CA state standards. If you are doing a standards based video it can be up to five minutes long.

Minimum Requirements

Sample projects:

REFLECTIONS CONTEST (due early November - keep it simple for this one)

C-SPAN Documentaries (dates change, would be due before break)

Sample Videos for PSAs

Ad Council - click on the campaign and then view campaign details. Click on television to work on it.

Drug Free America PSA Samples. CLICK HERE

Week One
Outline content of your movie using storyboards, after receiving approval of content.

  1. Create a new folder for all items for your project. The title will look like "P_.5WKMOVIE.Team Letter". You will need to create a collection/folder and be sure to share any written work with your team mates and your instructor.
  2. Write an abstract (.doc) for the back of your DVD box to explain what your movie is about, without giving away key plot lines. Think the types that you see on the back of trailers. A source for reading trailers?
  3. Use the REVIEW sheet document to collect ideas for your images.
  4. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the movie.
    1. Use Inspiration or AppleWorks, Word Processing and Harvard format to outline your movie script. There are storyboards avaialble online for you to to download and use at the class website.
    2. Be sure to indicate all information being used on the movie including graphics, props, etc. . You MUST cite all sources for your information and include a bibliography of ALL images, text, etc. used on your site.
    3. Save all the work inside your folder.
  5. Create a storyboard.pdf and working script using MS WORD and the documents provided for you at the class website.
  6. Print out both the Storyboards(.pdf) and the Working Script Document
  7. INDIVIDUAL: post your daily work on moodle -- use the journal set up for the assignment.
  8. DESIGN JOURNAL - be sure to complete the design journal as you work on the project. You should have the PLAN part nearly done this week.
  9. SHARE all your documents with me and all of your team members on Google docs. You would add them like you would add me -- their Make sure everyone in your group can EDIT.

Week Two
Start working on capturing your images including scanning images, loading images and continue research. You will be working on getting your storyboard images into the camera this wee. Detailed shot layouts will be required before using a camera.

  1. Create an ABOUT THE AUTHORS document. Complete one document for each person on the team. Before you start, move the downloaded document into your folder, then click on the document, go to EDIT and DUPLICATE so that each team member has one. Save as indicated on the form.
  2. Use the storyboard and working script to create a work schedule. If you are created segments for the end of the year video, you will be checking out disks that will provide the visuals. If you are shooting your own, you will need to arrange your shooting schedule and pre-arrange times for filming. LEAVE LOTS OF TIME FOR EDITING.
  3. Work on the titles and special effects needed for your movie including found images from the internet.
    1. save images to disks (provided) to load to your folder on the hard drive.
    2. REMINDER: all items for the site MUST be saved in the same folder.
  4. Start working with the cameras and shooting sequences. Be sure to keep track of your tape and the time you are using for the shoots.

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five