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SCALE MODELS - scale models are not required for this project.

basics about scale

To learn about the process required to create a city of the future that addresses the needs of the citizen of the new millenium.

Week One
Blueprint of city is due. BLUEPRINT must be approved before "building" begins on SimCity®.

  1. Create a new folder for all items for your project. The title will look like "P_.52wkCity.last name ." Be sure to create a collection in google apps and share that collection with everyone in your team and the instructor. You will need to put ALL of your work on this project into this folder. Your CITY will have to be dropped on the server once you are done
  2. Create an abstract using the document from the website that talks about the main features in your city. You will revise it as your city is created. Your abstract will be an 50-100 word description of your city for potential residents and businesses that may want to move into your city.
  3. Review information from other cities using this document.
  4. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the city.Save as BRAINSTORM (period brainstorm last name). Be sure to share with me and your team mates (if you are in a team). Put it into your collection folder as well.
    1. Think about what you want to have in your city to make it the best city every.
    2. Save work inside your folder.
  5. JOURNAL - Be sure to add entries detailing what you and your team has done everyday. You will enter these in moodle look for the 5 WEEK PROJECT JOURNAL: week 1.
  6. DESIGN JOUNRNAL - You should complete the PLAN section by the end of Tuesday. Be sure to return your design journal to the proper folder on the back counter. Date all of your entries.
  7. SHARE all your documents with me and all of your team members on Google docs. You would add them like you would add me -- their Make sure everyone in your group can EDIT.

Week Two

Save work often. Computers will lock up occasionally resulting in a loss of data.

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five