PowerPoint Programming/Scratch

To learn about the process required to create an interactive multimedia product that teaches, informs, or entertains and to manage time, resources and media effectively.

Some samples to look through. Click here>>>Thinkquest.com

Some places for images -- look for the TERMS and make sure that you follow their rules. Not all the images will be 100% appropriate for your projects or use, so please use with that in mind.





Minimum Requirements

Week One
Outline content of pages by using the sample document (download to your folder) and create a site map (click here for a sample). after receiving approval of content.

  1. Create a new folder for all items for your project on google apps. This may also be called a "collection." Be sure to share the collection with all of your team members and the instructor. All of your work will be placed into this collection so that all of your work will be available at all times.. The title will look like "P6.5WKPPT.your last name "
  2. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the stack.
    1. Be sure to add your thinking to your Design Journal as well as including it online. Think through your project first.
    2. Be sure to indicate all information being used on the stack including graphics. You MUST cite all sources for your information and include a bibliography of ALL images, text, etc. used on your site.
    3. Save work inside your folder.
  3. Write an abstract for your software.
  4. Create a map drawn on a piece of paper or using Inspiration that graphically represents how the site is arranged. This will help remember links required for the site. Click here to see a sample. You may use a storyboard or a map to plan your project. Look for samples on the walls and at the link provided above. You can also create a bullet list, but a storyboard and/or map is required. It may be done on the computer, but most people find it easier to work on a piece of paper instead.
  5. Complete the Review Actvity. Complete the reviews of the software that you have liked in the past or is similar to what you will be creating.
  6. Be sure to include a daily entry in your design journal. You will need to keep track of your document. You must be able to show all the work that you have done during this week for full credit.
  7. JOURNAL - Be sure to add entries detailing what you and your team has done everyday. You will enter these in moodle look for the 5 WEEK PROJECT JOURNAL: week 1.
  8. DESIGN JOUNRNAL - You should complete the PLAN section by the end of Tuesday. Be sure to return your design journal to the proper folder on the back counter. Date all of your entries.
  9. SHARE all your documents with me and all of your team members on Google docs. You would add them like you would add me -- their username@elsegundousd.com. Make sure everyone in your group can EDIT.

Week Two
Start programming stack including scanning images, loading images and continue research.

  1. Create an ABOUT THE AUTHORS document. Complete one document for each person on the team. Before you start, move the downloaded document into your folder, then click on the document, go to EDIT and DUPLICATE so that each team member has one. Save as indicated on the form.
  2. Use PowerPoint or Scratchto begin programming. If you need help learning the program, go to HELP in the menu bar and search for your topic or use the tutorial found at the home stack.
  3. Save work often. Computers will lock up occasionally resulting in a loss of data.

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five