Web Site Development

Samples Websites. Click Here. Thinkquest.com

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Some places for images -- look for the TERMS and make sure that you follow their rules. Not all the images will be 100% appropriate for your projects or use, so please use with that in mind.





To learn about the process required to create an interactive web site that teaches, informs, or entertains and to learn to evaluate web sites effectively.


Week One
Outline content of pages and create a web site map after receiving approval of content.

  1. Create a new folder/collection for all items for your project. The title will look like "P_.5WKWEB.last name " Be sure to share all documents and this collection with me.
  2. Abstract.document explaining what your website will be about - the description that shows up when you find the website on a search.
  3. Review at least six websites that relate to your topic. Use the WEBSITE REVIEW document
  4. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the web site. List all the things that you want to include from the website review document.
    1. Use google apps to create a document that includes the RESOURCES from your Design Journal.
    2. Save work inside your folder, share with the teacher, your team mates.
  5. Create a map drawn on a piece of paper or using Inspiration that graphically represents how the site is arranged. This will help remember links required for the site. You may also want to create an outline for your website to help you plan things out.
  6. INDIVIDUAL: post your daily work on moodle -- use the journal set up for the assignment.
  7. DESIGN JOURNAL - be sure to complete the appropriate sections in your Design Journal.
  8. SHARE all your documents with me and all of your team members on Google docs. You would add them like you would add me -- their username@elsegundousd.com. Make sure everyone in your group can EDIT.

Week Two
Start programming site including scanning images, loading images and continue research.

  1. Create an ABOUT THE AUTHORS document. Complete one document for each person on the team. Before you start, move the downloaded document into your folder, then click on the document, go to EDIT and DUPLICATE so that each team member has one. Save as indicated on the form.
  2. Be sure to have all your items in your team folder.
  3. LINK LIST (this document will download)- Create a link list of other websites that are related to the topic that you are creating. You should have quite a few that help explain the topic.
  4. Use either google sites to start creating your website. You are NOT allowed to make them public at any time.
  5. Any images that you are planning on using must be from copyright free sites and you must include a link in your bibliography document that you create on googleapps. Be sure to copy and past all the links and be sure that anyone looking at the bibliography will know what image it is that is being referenced. You cannot use google.com as a source.
  6. Save work often. Computers will lock up occasionally resulting in a loss of data.

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five