To learn about the process required to create new innovations.

Minimum Requirements

Guidelines and samples. ExploraVision-- click here.

Week One
100 word abstract explaining your invention including what it does, how it functions and a basic sketch. .

  1. Create a new folder/collection for all items for your project. The title will look like "P_.5WKINVENTION.Last Names of partners"
  2. Abstract using the document from the website to explain in 100 words or less what your invention is all about.
  3. Brainstorm and outline all content to be included in the invention.
    1. Be sure to indicate all information being used on the invention including graphics, props, etc. . You MUST cite all sources for your information and include a bibliography of ALL images, text, etc. used on your site.
    2. Save all the work inside your folder. Save the IMAGES in an IMAGES folder in your Project Folder.
  4. Work on a drawing of your invention.You can do your initial drawings by hand. Eventually you will be scanning and putting the images into a drawing program. Click here to see a sample. You can also draw them in google apps.
  5. Create a link list of similar items that might show how you got your idea and how your invention relates to the other items in the field.
  6. INDIVIDUAL: post your daily work on moodle -- use the journal set up for the assignment.
  7. DESIGN JOURNAL - be sure to complete the design journal as you work on the project. You should have the PLAN part nearly done this week.
  8. SHARE all your documents with me and all of your team members on Google docs. You would add them like you would add me -- their Make sure everyone in your group can EDIT.

Week Two
Start working on your patent application including the description of how your item works, how it is similar to other inventions of the same type, how it is different from them.

  1. Create an ABOUT THE AUTHORS document. Complete one document for each person on the team. Before you start, move the downloaded document into your folder, then click on the document, go to EDIT and DUPLICATE so that each team member has one. Save as indicated on the form.
  2. Work on your description (expanded from your abstract)
    1. save links and any images to disks (provided) to load to your folder on the hard drive.
    2. REMINDER: all items for the project MUST be saved in the same folder.
    3. You must have a complete citation for each source you use for your paper.
  3. Work on the drawings for your document. Review the parts of the patent application and be sure that you have all the items required for the project. (see items below)
  4. PRESENT TECHNOLOGY document: Explain how things that are similar to your invention are currently being used. What are some of the scientific principles that are used by your invention.
  5. HISTORY document: What are some of the similar items that have been developed in the past? Create a link list (minimum 10 links) along with a paragraph description how these other inventions have helped lead to your new creation.
  6. BREAKTHROUGHS document: What is needed to make your invention a reality-- you don't have to figure it out, just talk about it.
  7. CONSEQUENCES: Explain the positive and negative aspects of your invention and give concrete details to back up your information.
  8. All of the above mentioned items should be saved in your group folder. They will be used to create a webpage about your invention.

Week Three

Week Four

PRESENTATION FOR YOUR PATENT APPLICATION: Be sure all are saved into your folder/collection and shared with the instructor and your team members (if you are working in a team).

Week Five